Belmont Abrasives

Belmont Abrasives

Belmont Abrasive has been manufacturing specialty bonded & coated abrasive products for over a Decade. Belmont Abrasives Co., Ltd. A joint venture which is one of the leading abrasive manufacturers. We have exported our products with "Belmont "brand to more than 20 countries and regions with The Quality Certificate of ISO9001 in the world.

The best destination for abrasives

High quality, broad selection, competitive pricing and the best delivery available anywhere are the primary attributes we provide to our customers. When you combine all of that with the fact that we actually say thank our customers and every time you place an order, we think you would agree that Belmont Abrasive is the absolute best source for abrasives.

Our success is attributed to our commitment to quality. We aim to ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the goal of achieving customer satisfaction both in product and service

Water Proof Abrasive Papers

Features & Benefits :
  • Full Resin Bonding on Quality Latex Paper.
  • Ideal for wet & dry sanding.
  • Consistent & precise Manufacturing process
  • Avilable grit's 40-2000.
  • provides Finger scratch pattern for improved finish.
Belmont Waterproof Abrasives Suppliers In Dubai UAE

Water Proof Auto Abrasive Paper

Features & Benefits :
  • Full Resin Bonding on High Quality French Latex Paper
  • Ideal for wet & dry sanding-Advanced water proof technique
  • Consistent & precise Manufacturing process
  • Avilable grit's 40-2000
  • Long Lasting
Belmont Products In Dubai Sharjah UAE

Staineless Steel & Metal Cutting discs

Features & Benefits :
  • Allow optimum efficeincy in most condition
  • Unique reinforcement design
  • Engineered to cut hard material
  • Ecxellent cut rate
  • Sizes : 4" to 20"

Fibre sanding discs

Features & Benefits :
  • Full Resin Bonding
  • Flexible fibre backing
  • Aggresive aluminium grains
  • Aluminium Oxide(for high pressure grinding)

Velcro discs

Features & Benefits :
  • Full cut and extended life consistent finish
  • Standard diameters, 5",6",7",8",9",10",11"
  • Avilable grit's 40,50,60,80,100,120,150,
  • 180,220,240,320,400
  • Available hole patterns: Nos holes,5"x5
  • and 6" x8 holes

Flap discs

Features & Benefits :
  • High Quality spindile with hybrid bearings
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Safety protection case with safety door
  • Available grits 40to120

Emery Cloth Roll

Features & Benefits :
  • Special Resin bonding
  • Consistent finish pattern
  • Lesser clogging results in longer Life
  • Higher Cutting rate with longer life
  • Open & close coat option available

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